Welcome to Iconize Me – handcrafted digital caricatures

With the internet becoming more social all the time, having a truly personal icon on your various online profiles is a great way to show your personality without revealing too much about your identity. Since 2001, Iconize Me has been providing high-quality digital caricatures for just that purpose. With three different artists, we strive to provide you with a wide variety of styles to choose from.

No matter who you order from, you'll receive all the files you'll need to use your icon all around the web and beyond! Every order is created and delivered as a vector-based PDF, so you can be sure you'll have the best possible quality at your disposal. You'll also receive Windows and Mac OS-compatible icon files (with appropriate alpha masks), JPEG and GIF files.

Because we want you to have the most flexibility with your icons, every order is licensed with Creative Commons. You'll have complete freedom to use your caricature however you please.

Each order is individually handled by the artist you select. After submitting your payment, you'll have the opportunity to send your photos to us, or – if you prefer – you can wait to be contacted by your artist. Once everything is in place the artist will handcraft your caricature, taking into consideration any special instructions you have. Due to fluctuating demand, the whole process can take anywhere between one week and one month.

How To Order:

  • Browse our samples to see which artist best suits you.
  • Simply go to the Buy page, select the artist you want, and proceed through the PayPal ordering system to send your payment.
  • Send us your photos. You can either upload them directly to us, or we will contact you by email and work things out that way.
  • After we receive your photos, work will begin. Once complete, we will email you a zipped file containing your finished icons. 

All of us here at Iconize Me maintain full-time jobs outside of the site, which is why the fulfillment window can change so drastically. We understand the concerns many people have about paying upfront, but after years of experience, we've found it's the safest for both you and us. If you have any concerns regarding ordering, don't hesitate to contact us: Paul Sahner, José Ramos, Shalimar Luis.