An open letter to the Iconize Me Family

For more than 15 years, Iconize Me has been crafting high-quality icons and caricatures to replace those dull default avatars. I've had the pleasure to design thousands of icons and met many beautiful people from around the world. It's been indeed a blessed experience.

That said, it's been challenging keeping up with the increasing workload, especially in the last year, and as a result, I saw that the stress of it all was beginning to impact my family and work-life balance negatively. For that reason, I have decided to close Iconize Me's virtual doors indefinitely.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the following friends that to a less or high degree, made this adventure possible:

To Paul, the founder of Iconize Me, thank you for the opportunity. I couldn't have found a better partner.

To my fellow iconizer Shalimar, thanks for your creativity and for being fearless.

To the crew at my old job (you know who you are), thanks for urging and pushing me to go for it!

To my son, who inspired me to be better

And to my beautiful wife, who's supported my every endeavor

Thank you!!!