About Iconize Me!

Drawing The Internet For Over 15 Years

Since its inception, Iconize Me! has quickly grown from a simple experiment to a caricature team with customers from all around the world. Iconize Me! digital caricatures can be found everywhere from Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, to buddy lists and logos. After 15 years and thousands of satisfied customers, you can stumble upon an Iconize Me! caricature practically anywhere.

Thanks to coverage by media outlets such as Wired, NBC, Call For Help, Your Mac Life, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press people continue to depend on us for their icons.

Meet the Team

José Ramos
Chief Iconizer

Graduating from the Art Institute in 1990, José took his first step to fulfilling his dream of being an artist when he was awarded Best Portfolio, the highest honor awarded by the school. He currently owns his own design, consulting and training studio. José is an Adobe Certified Expert and the Chapter Representative for the Puerto Rico InDesign User Group. José brings his amazing skills as a classically trained illustrator to Iconize Me- offering a unique and amazing sense of style with his portraits.

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Ivy Gladstone

"I've been drawing since I was 4 years old. I graduated high school from Central de Artes Visuales and I was a student at Escuela Artes Plasticas. I never got the chance to finish, but It really turned around for me when i got a job at Editorial Santillana as an illustrator. There, I illustrated the cover art for the series Yabisí, and the interiors for textbooks on all subjects.

I now illustrate at Dreyfous & Assoc. creating images for educational purposes while also doing freelance work on the side."

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Natalya Ilinykh

"Hello! My name is Natalia. I am madly in love with drawing portraits and characters! I would love to have the oportunity to show you."

Currently living in Barnaul, Russian Federation, Natalya aka, "AlisZombie" is one of the most talented artists you'll find anywhere. Her illustrations are whimsical, edgy and reflective of the world around us. Natalya is definitely one of the most creative up-and-coming artist / illustrator of her generation, and we're ecstatic to have her in our team.

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Prasad Bhat

Prasad Bhat specializes in hand-drawn digital vector caricatures. His art has found its niche following of motivators and buyers, both of which are growing exponentially in this era of digital enchantment. His main aim is to bring out likeness of the person in his own exaggerated unique style.It truly is a treat to see what he can make you look like! It has been over 8 years of making caricatures and it is only going to get better going further.

His belief; there's already enough misery in this world. Let's bring a smile on every face.

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Hugo Cuellar

Animator | Designer | Director

After finishing his studies in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Hugo decided to spread his wings and study art and animation in the United Kingdom. Working in the animation industry for over a decade, Hugo has filled many roles from TV series animator to short films director, from storyboard artist to art director.

This type of variety has given him the flexibility to tackle a wide variety of briefs and styles. Hugo currently lives in London where he works for a variety of different clients as a freelancer.

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Common Questions

An online, digital caricature service. You send us a photo, we draw you. It's just that simple.
Iconize Me starts at $60 per individual face. If you would like multiple caricatures or any custom work, you can contact us for more information.
You need to provide us with a big, clear photo of your happy, smiling face. Do you want to send more than just one photo reference? Even better! Just make sure you send photos that accurately represent what you want your final icon to look like. After placing an order, you'll be given an opportunity to email the photo reference(s) to us. If you prefer, you can also wait for us to email you.
JPEG is always nice, but we accept any other popular file format. (GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, BMP, PSD, etc.)
For the base price, we will draw one person from the chest up. If you'd like an icon with more than one subject, a greater scope, or anything out-of-the-ordinary please contact us for a quote.
As a zip file to your email. We can also provide a Dropbox link.
Usually around 1-2 megabytes per individual caricature ordered.
A PDF file (sometimes vector-based, depending on the artist and technique used), a high-resolution JPEG, and a PNG file. Both the PDF and the PNG will have an alpha channel, which means you can place it on a colored background.
We use PDF because it's the most popular file format on the planet, and for good reason too. For instance, vector-based PDFs are super high resolution files that you can use at any size without loss of quality. We also include other popular file formats such as JPEG, and a transparent PNG for simple Web-use. That said, if you would like a specific file format (such as PSD) simply include your request under the comments section and we'll be happy to take care of you.
PayPal. All major credit cards as well as eChecks are accepted. Sorry, we can not accept other forms of payment.
Over the years, we've had incredible success and a really tremendous satisfaction rate. Doing this consistently isn't easy, and gathering someone's likeness from a single photo can be very difficult – but we pride ourselves on doing the very best job we can. If for any reason you're not satisfied, please let us know. We never want a customer to be unhappy with their order.
While completion time for each icon can vary (depending on complexity and artist), the time frame in-which your order will be delivered is usually between 1 to 4 weeks. Iconize Me is a side project for us, and depending on demand there may be several orders ahead of yours that need to be completed. This is always subject to change. Please contact us if you have questions.

All work by Iconize Me is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are free to use the icon however you like. (Includes derivative and commercial projects)