Instructions to order Memoji-Style Icons

We can create a transparent high-resolution Memoji that you can use at any size without losing quality. Use them in your business cards, promos, social media, etc. To order, please follow these steps:

  1. Place your order. (NOTE: The price for a Memoji is for the head-view ONLY. Hands, torsos, computers, and other props are NOT INCLUDED in the base price.)
  2. Create a Memoji in your iOS device. (You must have a supported iOS device.) Instructions here.
  3. Send the newly created Memoji to your self, via iMessage.
  4. Tap the Memoji to open it in full screen view.
  5. Take a screenshot.
  6. Email us the screenshot. Please include your Transaction ID found on your Paypal receipt. (We will email you a receipt after placing your order.)